StartX is run by a team of recent Stanford alumni and current students. We're always looking for more awesome people to join us, so if you're excited to help the best Stanford entrepreneurs succeed, please check out our Jobs page.

  • Cameron

    Cameron Teitelman

    Founder & CEO
    Stanford BS, 2010
    Management Science and Engineering

  • Nicolas

    Nicolas Kokkalis

    Stanford PhD, 2013
    Computer Science

  • Divya

    Divya Nag

    CPO & StartX Med Founder
    Stanford, dropped-out
    Human Biology

  • John

    John Melas-Kyriazi

    Head of Business Development
    Stanford BS, 2011 & MS, 2013
    Engineering Physics, Materials Science

  • Pooja

    Pooja Garg

    Accelerator Product Manager & Director of Legal Affairs
    Stanford LLM, 2012
    Corporate Governance & Practice

  • Derrick

    Derrick Hsiou

    NYU BS 2013
    Technology Management and Business


  • Andrew

    Andrew Scheuermann

    Stanford PhD 2015
    Materials Science & Engineering

  • Doug

    Doug Sharp

    Stanford JD, 2014

  • Anand

    Anand Sampat

    Stanford MS, 2014
    Electrical Engineering

  • Kat

    Katherina Nguyen

    Stanford BA, 2011
    Science, Technology & Society

  • Ryan

    Ryan Ballenger

    Stanford BS, 2014
    Management Science and Engineering

  • Aaron

    Aaron Stark

    Stanford 2016

  • Kelvin

    Kelvin Tse

    USC BS 2011
    Business Administration

  • Jess

    Jess Ho

    MIT BS, 2010
    Physics, Biological Engineering

  • Brad

    Brad Newman

    Stanford LLM, 2011
    Law, Science, and Technology

  • Marissa

    Marissa Teitelman

    UC Berkeley BA, 2013
    Social Entrepreneurship, International Development, Global Poverty

  • Leen

    Leen Badr-El-Din

    Stanford BS 2012, MS 2013
    Earth Systems, Management Science & Engineering

  • Mark

    Mark Mallery

    Stanford JD 2015, MS 2015
    Law, Management Science & Engineering

  • Melissa

    Melissa Rosman

    Stanford BS 2014
    Science, Technology & Society

  • Molly

    Molly Duff

    Stanford BA 2014
    Science, Technology & Society

  • Stefano

    Stefano Tissino

    Stanford MBA 2014