Closing date for round I was 02/12/14.
We invite you to submit an application for round II, which will be evaluated beginning mid-April

StartX is building the most sophisticated people and information network in the world. Join our rapidly growing organization in creating a scalable human and technical system to empower the world’s top entrepreneurs.

Available Full-Time Positions on the StartX Team

Head of Marketing

The Head of Marketing and his/her team will be responsible for StartX’s brand strategy, definition, and management. The role is multi-faceted and includes marketing initiatives that are both internal -- to founders/staff/mentors, and external -- to investors and the overall public. He/she will be a resource for best practices for marketing and branding for the StartX team as well as StartX portfolio companies, with the goal of instilling better marketing practices throughout the StartX community.

Partnerships Director

We're looking for a strategic thinker and exceptional people person with an entrepreneurial spirit to manage our relationship with our key corporate partners. The individual will work closely with our both StartX founders and StartX partners in identifying high value engagements to help StartX companies best leverage the vast knowledge and relationships offered by our corporate partners.

Operations Lead

The operations lead role at StartX represents a unique opportunity to work with Stanford’s best talent as well as industry leading mentors and advisors to build a world-class entrepreneurial organization. With a new $3.6 million dollar grant and partnership with Stanford University and Stanford Hospital & Clinics as well as the launch of the uncapped Stanford-StartX Fund, this team member will have a compelling platform to help scale StartX from a Bay Area nonprofit startup to a national organization.

Network Management Director

StartX’s network is massive! We have Silicon Valley’s top investors, mentors and founders volunteering their time to help grow the StartX community. This role involves meeting with these individuals to get feedback on their experiences, keeping them engaged in our network and accelerator program, and finding new awesome additions to this elite group.

Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant position for StartX represents a unique opportunity to support a community of Stanford’s best entrepreneurial talent and to work with a team of motivated leaders. You will be working closely with the CEO and CTO of StartX in building StartX into an entity with National impact. Executive assistants need to be able to organize and manage an executive’s day to day (schedule) and step in when needed to fulfill responsibilities and tasks. They increase productivity of the organization by improving efficiency of daily operations and the effectiveness of it’s leadership.

Software Engineer

Work on StartX’s engineering team to build products that connect and train the Stanford founder community. Create applications that facilitate company development and help companies utilize StartX in a scalable way, creating and updating StartX's web and mobile apps. You will learn Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and other awesome technologies. You will work directly with the CTO and grow to lead a 50 people engineering team in the coming years.

Available Spring Volunteer and Summer Internship Positions on the StartX Team

Note that full volunteer job descriptions are located at the bottom of the page in an embedded document.

Business Development

Help StartX to identify business development opportunities in the technology and investment community and build powerful strategic partnerships.

Community, Mentorship Team

Accelerate Stanford’s top founders by building a high-quality community of entrepreneurs and connecting founders to the Valley’s best mentors.

Education Team

Understand founders’ learning needs and reach out to StartX’s network to find people who can provide valuable teaching.

Campus Strategy

We’re looking for sourcing ninjas, relationship masters, event hustlers, and system analysts and designers to help StartX serve as the go-to entrepreneurial resource on Stanford’s campus.

StartX Med

Help StartX’s incredible medical companies in digital health, medical devices and biotechnology work through the ups and downs of starting a healthcare company. Additionally, get the opportunity to work with StartX’s medical partners Johnson & Johnson, Merck and Stanford Hospital.

Operations Support, Institutional Knowledge

Ensure StartX’s main activities and processes are planned for and executed effectively; capture and store the knowledge StartX creates.

Human Resources

Learn how to manage people and build a company culture as part of the HR team. Match StartX’s internal resource needs to staff and ensure feedback loops within StartX close seamlessly.

Events Team

Make sure the many internal and external StartX events are engaging, professional and fun.


Create engaging collateral and design and manage large-scale marketing campaigns.

Data Analyst

Work on StartX’s data team, helping StartX organize its data collection structures and repositories, and analyze the information it gathers on founders to support continuous improvement.

New Product Development and Collective Intelligence

Support the design of new initiatives aimed at improving StartX’s offerings or more effectively capturing and making available the information StartX produces.

Network Management - founder sourcing, mentor relations and investor relations

This role involves both working directly with StartX’s investors and mentors and gathering data on our entire network to continue growing our elite network. Get trained on how to recruit the best mentors/investors in Silicon Valley and the best founders out of Stanford. Join an elite group of individuals who will identify and source the next batch of excellent Stanford companies and manage their support network.

Future Founder Track

Start learning what it takes to build a Silicon Valley technology company by helping other founders build their companies. The future founder volunteer track is specifically designed to provide a future founder with insight, expertise, and relationships that will help them when they start a company of their own.

Software Engineer

Work on StartX’s engineering team, create and update StartX's web and mobile apps. You will learn Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and other awesome technologies.

StartX Volunteer Job Descriptions