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StartX is building the most sophisticated people and information network in the world. Join our rapidly growing organization in creating a scalable human and technical system to empower the world’s top entrepreneurs.

Available Full Time Positions on the StartX Team

VP of Programs

The VP of Programs represents a unique opportunity to work directly with Stanford’s top entrepreneurial talent as well as industry-leading mentors and advisors to create a life-long learning system for founders in StartX. Along with managing our current world-class accelerator program, the VP of Programs will build out StartX's programs to benefit even more founders. Potential opportunities for program expansion include designing an accelerator to support 100+ companies, building out industry verticals such as clean tech and non-profit, building programs to support companies at different stages and expanding the programs nationally.

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VP of Marketing

The VP of Marketing position presents an opportunity to springboard StartX into a world-class name. We’re looking for a marketing expert to build our brand, set our marketing strategy and implement marketing campaigns as we scale to empower even more founders. StartX is rapidly becoming the preeminent place to build a company, and we're counting on you to spread the news across the world!

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Stanford-StartX Fund Manager

The Fund Manager for StartX represents a unique opportunity to work directly with Stanford’s best entrepreneurial talent as well as industry-leading investors and advisors to develop the Stanford-StartX Fund (SSF) and StartX’s investment network. This position will place the Fund Manager at the core of deal flow for the top Stanford companies in Silicon Valley. It also presents an unparalleled opportunity to coach the top founders out of Stanford through the fundraising process. The Fund Manager will work to drive the growth of the Stanford-StartX Fund, ensuring it becomes a premier brand known across the Valley. The experience gained in this position will poise the Fund Manager to become a principle or partner at a VC firm or to raise a fund of their own.

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Lead Software Engineer

Help startups leverage Silicon Valley by utilizing each other’s networks through a crowdsourcing platform on StartX's network. Know who knows who, who knows what and the inside information on how to actually get ahead in the Valley. Help founders get access to VCs, Angels, Billionaire Entrepreneurs, and Experts of all sorts to build the next awesome companies in the valley.
Web, Mobile, Ruby on Rails, ML, NLP knowledge appreciated but not required. You will work along with and be mentored by experts in the most fast paced, collaborative, and well connected entrepreneurial environment in the world. BS in CS or related field is required.

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UI/UX Designers and Graphic Designers

We are looking for UI/UX Designers, and Graphic Designers.

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Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant position for StartX represents a unique opportunity to support a community of Stanford’s best entrepreneurial talent and to work with a team of motivated leaders. You will be working closely with the executive team to build StartX into an entity with national impact. Executive assistants need to be able to organize and manage an executive’s day to day schedule and step in when needed to fulfill responsibilities and tasks. They increase productivity of the organization by improving efficiency of daily operations and the effectiveness of its leadership.

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Available Contractor Positions

Available Volunteer And Internship Positions

StartX focuses on personalized education and development not only for founders, but for its team. You will work alongside Stanford's best founders and be put in roles that will help you personally develop and work on things that you are passionate about. Come join us and get immersed in Silicon Valley culture.


StartX's Volunteers have a variety of skills and are able to work on multiple teams and take on tasks as needed. They are expected to work a minimum of 15 hours per week.

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We offer 13-week internships with a stipend. Our interns have a variety of skills and are able to work on multiple teams and take on tasks as needed.

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Business Development

Help StartX to identify business development opportunities in the technology and investment community and build powerful strategic partnerships. Work closely with law firms, banks, VC funds, tech companies, foundations, and more. Work with founders to understand their pain points and identify ways to help them using existing external strategic partnerships. Help to manage relationships with strategic partners and develop programming and events to connect our founders and partners. Identify promising targets for new partners by researching the technology landscape and getting feedback from founders and other key stakeholders. Work to contact, pitch, and close new potential partnerships. Write foundation grants and source event sponsors.

Community Team

Accelerate Stanford’s top founders by building a high-quality community of entrepreneurs. Create a tight-knit, trust-based founders community. Organize bonding events and recreational activities for founders to get to know each other better in a non-work related environment. Interview founders and adjust the events scheduling to suit their needs. Create new ways to reinforce the community, including alumni and mentors.

Mentorship Team

Match founders with experienced serial entrepreneurs who will mentor them, enabling their companies to achieve success faster. Discuss with companies the set of needs they have, the industry they are in and the business model they chose. Engage StartX’s mentor network to initiate the best possible founder - mentor matches. Constantly gather feedback and suggestions from mentors and founders to enable quick iteration on the mentoring model and continuous improvement.

Education Team

Understand founders’ learning needs and reach out to StartX’s network to find people who can provide valuable teaching. Meet with founders to understand what they need to learn during the accelerator experience. Engage StartX’s education network to find the best people to transfer specific knowledge to founders. Schedule and plan education events to maximize the value of the session for StartX founders. Execute events and gather feedback from founders to continuously improve the quality of the education experience.

Campus Strategy

We’re looking for sourcing ninjas, relationship masters, event hustlers, system analysts and designers who understand the Stanford entrepreneurial ecosystem and can find the best founders. Network with top entrepreneur circles on campus. Organize and track promising founder progress. Be a campus connector: build relationships with Stanford student groups and professors for StartX. Continue existing collaborations and plan new ways to reach across departments and connect the Stanford ecosystem. Organize entrepreneurial events on campus. Conceive, organize, and execute high-impact events that intersect the Stanford community and the StartX community (past events include entrepreneur speaker series sharing startup secrets, Stanford Startup Weekend, StartX Campus Demo Day and other showcasing / relationship-founder finding events). Design and analyze complex entrepreneurial ecosystems. Map and understand entrepreneurial nodes in Stanford’s complex people and department systems.

StartX Med

Help StartX’s incredible medical companies in digital health, medical devices and biotechnology work through the ups and downs of starting a healthcare company. Additionally, get the opportunity to work with StartX’s medical partners Johnson & Johnson, Merck and Stanford Hospital. Continue to build StartX Med resources. Interview our medical founders to find out what their biggest obstacles are going to be, and develop resources to help them. Vet and source high quality medical investors and mentors into the community. Create a tight-knit, trust-based founders community. Organize bonding events and recreational activities for medical founders to get to know each other better in a non-work related environment. Interview medical founders and adjust the events scheduling to suit their needs. Create new ways to reinforce the medical community, including alumni and mentors. Match founders with mentors that can help them achieve success faster. Constantly gather feedback and suggestions from mentors and founders to enable quick iteration on the mentoring model and continuous improvement.


Ensure StartX’s main activities and processes are planned for and executed effectively. Design and conduct analyses to gain insight into current processes. Transform analyses into implementation plans with milestones and responsibilities. Transform high-level planning into a lower-level list of tasks and roles to be assigned to staff. Ensure implementation occurs within established deadlines. Design and implement new strategic initiatives along with StartX’s Head of Operations. Conceptualize and design a new infrastructure with the goal of capturing the institutional knowledge that StartX produces.

Human Resources

Learn how to manage people and build a company culture as part of the HR team. Match StartX’s internal resource needs to staff and ensure feedback loops within StartX close seamlessly. Schedule meetings for tactical feedback sessions between volunteers and their assigned full-time referent. Prepare full feedback sessions (“360s”) meeting schedules and documentation support. Organize recruiting pushes and promote continuous improvement initiatives in the HR field. Plan training logistics, participate in trainings, gather feedback and prepare for the next iteration. Make sure employment policies are distributed and signed.

Events Team

Execute and organize StartX’s many internal and external events and make sure they are engaging, professional and fun. Gather event requirements from internal stakeholders. Program event logistics (order food, decide on a room setup for the event), including how many members of staff are needed for support. Ensure all participants to the event have an outstanding customer experience. Close a feedback loop with event participants to ensure continuous iteration and improvement.


Help define StartX’s brand and market positioning and implement our marketing strategy. Organize campaigns, marketing events, and outreach initiatives at Stanford and other Universities nationwide. Generate StartX collateral and marketing content, including written and visual components. Design for three mediums: email, print, and web. Distribute physical content on campus or at fairs and events. Run large-scale online marketing campaigns. Manage StartX’s social media presence. Work with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and AngelList to StartX’s presence and keep all information current. Support StartX companies’ brand and PR needs.

Software Engineering Team

Help create new web applications and update the existing StartX website. Organize and maintain StartX’s core data structures. Learn Ruby on Rails, Javascript, etc.

R&D / New Product Development

Support the design of new initiatives aimed at improving StartX’s offerings. Define requirements for new products and initiatives, such as new programs and industry verticals (hardware, social entrepreneurship, etc.) for entrepreneurs with different sets of needs. Collaborate with full-time staff and volunteers to define the new product’s scope. Gather and analyze data and interview stakeholders to define the best course of action. Produce a roadmap with milestones and responsibilities for the release of the new products. Ensure the milestones are met successfully and guarantee the end product’s quality.

Collective Intelligence

More effectively capture and make available the information StartX produces. Manage and curate content. Create structure around specific entrepreneurial topics to disseminate to founders. Collect, organize and distribute insights from the founder community around company building and industry specific insights.

Network Management Team

Gather data on our entire network so we can continue to expand it. Recruit and engage with the best mentors and investors in Silicon Valley. Identify and source the next batch of excellent Stanford companies and manage their support network.

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