StartX Med

Visiting Founders Program

StartX’s core program accelerates the development of the highest potential founders coming out of Stanford by providing them with collective intelligence, experiential education, over $100,000 in resources, and mentorship. Founders joining this program have traditionally either already raised a round of financing or plan to within the next six months. The accelerator is the primary entry point to the StartX community, which includes serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, and domain experts.

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StartX Med is a 6 month-long medicine and life science-specific vertical within the StartX accelerator developed for healthcare start-ups spanning the range of medical device, imaging, diagnostics, biotechnology, and biopharmaceutical technologies (healthcare IT is 3 months). StartX Med has created an ecosystem of Stanford’s top medical entrepreneurs and built an organized system of mentors, educational content, and infrastructural resources such as SBIR grant support, FDA and HIPAA consulting, and IP licensing support to facilitate the advancement of breakthrough medical innovations.

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The Visiting Founder Program provides founders from top universities nationwide the ability to join StartX’s accelerator program. Run only during the summer session, founders in this program can apply for additional need-based financial aid to offset the cost of moving to Silicon Valley for the summer.

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Apply to StartX

Application Deadline 11:59 PM October 5th, 2014

  • Application_step_1 1Submit Team & Company Applications
  • Application_step_2 2Interview With Our Judges
  • Application_step_3 3Become A StartX Founder

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Why the Best Founders Choose StartX

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We Provide:
  • Community of Stanford’s top entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries including consumer and enterprise IT, medical, and hardware, raising over $349M with a 2.2M average per company funding rate from leading investors such as Greylock Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund and Venrock
  • $100,000 in resources from our Partners, as well as free office space and legal services
  • Mentorship from over 200 serial entrepreneurs, experts, angels and VCs, including individuals from Palantir, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, and many more in Silicon Valley
  • Education through customized programming and on-demand experts delivered when founders need it
For 0% Equity!

Our Innovation Space
  • Designed under the creative direction of Stanford d. school architect, Frank Graziano
  • Fully furnished by Steelcase, the leader in planning and creating innovative work environments
  • Over 12,500 sqft of collaboration and work space
  • Includes meeting rooms, event space, and quiet spaces specifically for programming, writing, and designing
  • Wet lab and electronics prototyping lab now onsite (paid access)
  • Located at Hanover and Page Mill

Fall 2014 Accelerator Session Dates
  • Applications Open: 9/7
  • Info Session: 9/29, 7pm @ StartX
  • Applications Due: 10/5, 11:59pm
  • Applicant Mixer: 10/6, 7-9pm
  • 1st Round Interview Invitations: 10/12
  • 1st Round Interviews: 10/14-10/17
  • 2nd Round Interview Invitations: 10/18
  • 2nd Round Interviews: 10/20-10/21
  • Final Decisions: ~10/31
  • Session Start: 11/10
  • Session End: 2/6

What We Look For

A high-potential StartX Founder… extremely committed to driving their vision towards success. They have proven their commitment and passion through the time that they have spent working on their idea, the sacrifices they have made for their company, and the progress they have made so far. They have already taken steps with their product such as gathering user feedback or prototyping.

...has a strong team. They work well together with their team, and everyone has clearly delineated responsibilities. The CEO has strong leadership skills, and the CTO/CPO has high technical proficiency in the area of their product. Their skills complement each other, and they will be able to stick together through the ups and downs of a startup.

...has shown great potential to build a successful company. Together with their team, they have the technical and business skills and experience needed to make their company ambitions come true. They have past experience in their industry or can quickly learn the landscape, and their team is technically proficient in that industry.

...has thoroughly thought through the idea of their company. They understand the market and their competitors. They have shown some validation that there is a problem or need to be addressed by their company. Their idea is viable and their team understands potential roadblocks, as well as possible solutions to them.

...will be an engaged member of the StartX community. They will share their skills and knowledge with the founders around them and help where they can. At the same time, they will fully utilize StartX’s resources in an effort to constantly learn and improve. Our founders get stuff done and help each other.

How to Prepare for Your Application to StartX

  1. Prepare yourself and your team, not a presentation.
  2. Have a clear idea of your vision for your company.
  3. Know everything about your product and how users will interact with it.
  4. Talk to potential users to gather feedback on your product.
  5. Understand who your competitors are and how you are different from them.
  6. Be open and honest about problems you are facing and questions you don’t yet know the answer to.